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fountain marble ball                                    fountain marble ball

Yuxiang fabricates marble fountain, polished marble ball, fountain marble ball, i.e. ultimate rolling sphere also named floating sphere ball or Feng Shui ball with various granite and marble. Yuxiang is dedicated to providing the appropriate materials to qualified and dedicated restoration professionals. Our materials have been thoroughly evaluated and tested to ensure that they are truly physically compatible with the structure to which they are being applied. Our stone products mainly include marble fountain, polished marble ball, granite fountain, marble sphere, marble pool ball, fountain marble ball, stone balls, floating granite ball, granite rolling sphere, granite orb, marble orb, fountain rolling ball, etc.

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Large outdoor marble fountain, polished marble ball, fountain marble ball can enhance your landscape quality. Has a fountain marble ball floating on a pressurized stream of re-circulated water? This beautiful marble fountain features an octagon shaped pool and a three tiered pedestal fountain. The antique calcium marble is very popular as it has a rough texture and a hue that is very natural making it an ideal complimentary offset to any color.