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Tactile paving                       Tactile paving

Tactile paving is an important element of any paved area. It is designed to assist visually impaired pedestrians by providing them with a specific, detectable indication of railway platforms, pedestrian crossing points, potential hazards like start of ramped areas, and safe routes for travel. Yuxiang offers a complete range of tactile paving, tactile tile, blind stone, tactile flooring, paving slabs, patio paving stones, natural paving stone, decorative paving stones, garden paving stone, china paving stone, marble paving stone, garden paving slab. Our paving stones like tactile tile, tactile paving, blind stone also used in garden or indoor widely.

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Tactile tile, tactile paving, blind stone provide an attractive, long life surface for pedestrian, landscaping, commercial and highway applications. Tactile paving pose unique physical properties enable it to resist the effects of weathering and staining. In addition, a wide choice of colours and textures enhances design scope to suit any type of application, be it traditional or contemporary. They can widely used for in guiding paving; bathroom floor paving; wall decoration; garden, park, yard trail.