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Yuxiang is a professional processor, exporter and importer of stone products. Located in Xiamen, we enjoy a convenient transportation network as well as abundant natural stone resources, include carved stone pillar, sandstone pillar, kerbstones, curbstones, granite kerbstone, driveway curbstone, granite baluster, granite pillar, etc.

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Kerbstones support and border the road or pavement edges. The modern, narrow, dimensionally accurate and less expensive kerbstone types can also be used in gardens and areas intended for light traffic. The straight-edged kerbstone type has a rectangular shape. The cleaved version with a rough finish is called a mill cut kerbstone. In a solid kerbstone there is a 20 mm wide bevel in the front edge. The flat versions can be glued into place. A horizontally leveled kerbstone is a flat, wide stone that has been sawn. The surface treatments for sawn stones include flamed and bush hammer finish, and they can be manufactured from several architectural stones. The beveled kerbstone type is made of red or grey granite, it has a bevel height of 100 mm, and its surface finish is rough hewing. Cleavage face kerbstones are also manufactured as curve stones. Kerbstones are usually assembled onto zero-slump concrete.