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Yuxiang is a professional processor, exporter and importer of stone products. Located in Xiamen, we enjoy a convenient transportation network as well as abundant natural stone resources. We have our own factory ,and our products, gang saw slab and custom-made slab for project, including curved slabs, marble arc slab, limestone arc slabs ,curved granite slab, granite arc slabs, marble curved slab. We are keen to create harmonious stone architecture, and strive to carve into the natural beauty of the stone. Our products have variety items and ideal building materials. They are fine in quality, attractive in vein and colors, bright and mirror like in appearance after polishing. Like marble arc slab, limestone arc slabs, china arc slab and so on, every single product has successfully delivered the innovation, perfection and fashion to many homes, hotels, and office buildings all over the word.

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Can you imagine that nature stone can be curved without break? Our curved slabs,marble arc slab,curved granite slab are made up of natural stone for column cladding. Marble curved slab has special flower veins and after polished will display natural vein, fineness, smoothness, elegance, purity, to satisfy varied requirements for sophisticated project.