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Perspective to extraordinary features of YuXiang quartz stone:

Extreme rigidity and durability: With Mo's strength more than 6, it cannot be cut by knife and is applicable for decoration of large public engineering space.

No radiation: It is made by raw quartz material.free of all the radioactive materials and features health and environmental protection.

Strong fouling and corrosion resistance:Extremely low water absorption rate,free of fouling absorption,stable performance and free of corrosion from various matters.

Easy cleaning: Simple maintenance and light cleaning of the surface.

Dense texture and high flexural strength: The sophisticated and high pressure process is used for production, which is characterized by high density, stable internal structure, free of deformation, cracking and breaking.

High temperature resistance: The quartz material of high melting point can respond high temperature surrounding confidently.

Natural texture: The new and hi-tech process can represent the lively texture of stone with the grains of the whole stone achieving top class emulation effect and natural stone charm.

Ageing resistance:The specific scientific formula composition achieves lasting brightness and non-discoloring and keeps bright as new.

Fine and pure material:Made of top quality quartz material,it enjoys uniquely puring and top taste.


Bending Strength(dry) Bending Strength(wet) Compressive Strength(dry) Compressive Strength(wet)
45.6Mpa 45.8Mpa 171.0Mpa 222.0Mpa
Water absorption Density Mo's hardness Degress of wear
0.02% 2.36 g/cm3 6~7 class <= 70mm3
Radioactive--Irradiation index(A Class: Ira<=1.0) A class: Ira <= 1.0 B Class: Ira <= 1.3
Radioactive--External index (A Class: Ira<=1.3) A class: Ira <= 1.0 B Class: Ira <= 1.3,C<=2.8