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Quartz stone                                     Quartz stone

Advanced high-end equipment:

The introduction of high-tech equipment imports across the board,with the latest and most advanced domestic equipment,and the world's advanced level synchronized production line configuration and the Republic of Korea,ltaly and other countries to maintain the same level of the leading,high-tech modes of production,greatly exceed domestic manufacturers.

Strict selection

Quartz powder,resin and other important raw materials,high-quality selection of all varieties,mathching the proportion of strict control over the material,not doped stromal to ensure that pure materials,high-cost investment product to achieve the best performance,radiation-free,high hardness,wear resistance Pollution,such as outstanding performance from the strict use of wood-based materials.

Professional large-scale manufacturing:

For the completion of the current domestic largest production base of large quartz rock,R&D and manufacturing production capacity of belonging to the forefront of the domestic level,large-scale production of stone products to maintain perfect color,texture.

Mature technology,quality and stability:

The introduction of a full set of mature foreign technology,combined with advanced high-end equipment,currently have the most up-to-date scientific and technological content of quartz stone production technology,product quality and stability of the excellent performance of the industry to obtain the authority of the professional bodies detection sure.