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construction stone material                              construction stone material

Yuxiang is a manufacturer and exporter of construction material, We can provide high quality china construction material, block paver stone, granite block, china granite slab, patio paving stones, natural paving stone, granite kerbstone, driveway curbstones, granite step, slate stepping stones, slate stones, edge granite tile etc. as per your requirements cut to size for your project with a honed, mushroom, plain, or tumbled surface.


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Block paver stone, granite block and china granite slab are using for paving wall, floor, and roof decoration, beautifying environment. They will be extreme beauty and excellent appearance. Diversification of products, maximizing diversity fulfills individuality and originality. Affinity with nature architecture and based on our own developmental capacity, architectures breathe with nature. Make higher grade of quality, excels on insulation, inflammability, durability, soundproof, and sound absorption, and unchanged color doubles architectural beauty. Making environment-friendly products, keep various diseases from environmental pollution. Also can be installed easily by workers.