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Marble tile                                  Marble tile

Yuxiang is a manufacturer of various marble stone products. Our marble stone products mainly include Feibei Flower marble, Elegant Gold marble, Fengyu Flower marble, Chrysanthemum Stone, china marble slab, pink lotus marble, sunset red marble, red jade marble, pink red marble, cloud grey marble, purple jade marble, etc. Our marble stones are available in a variety of different colors to suit your artistic, and practical, tastes.

Feibei Flower marble, Elegant Gold marble and Fengyu Flower marble are all elegant that they have beauty flower vein on the surface. In particular, Elegant Gold marble has been a symbol of affluence, exuding sophistication and an air of artistry that make it a classic choice. They can be used widely in resplendent and magnificent place, because they are renowned for their ornate, refined beauty.