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Plaza Tile                                         Plaza Tile

Yuxiang is a professional exporter and importer of plaza tile, slate floor tile, outdoor slate tile, piazza tile, garden paving slabs square plate tile, natural paving stone, driveway pavement, pavement stones, paving tile, etc.

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Our plaza tile, slate floor tile, outdoor slate tile are all good pave stones, The slate floor tiles are built to stand up to the roughest conditions, from shifting soil to extreme heat or cold. It's easier to plow or shovel snow off the surface in winter because slate floor tiles are all consistent in size, allowing for perfectly straight lines and a completely flat surface. Also, slate floor tiles don't expand due to moisture absorption, which could cause traditional paving methods to lift. Therefore, frost damage is virtually non-existent as the joints between the slate floor tiles absorb the damaging powers of frost by flexing and not cracking.