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The tradition of creating a memorial to honor a loved one is as old as humanity itself. It is part of our natural desire to show our love and respect for those who have touched our lives. It is a powerful way to express our feelings in a creative and enduring way. No one is more experienced in helping families with memorialization than Rock of Ages. The products Yuxiang supply include granite headstone, marble headstones, granite memorials, European style tombstone, American style tombstone, German style tombstone, British tombstone, China granite monument, granite tombstone, monument stone, cemetery headstones, memorial headstones, etc.

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Granite headstones are the most popular form of cemetery memorials. The majority of cemeteries in the US allow some form of granite memorials. Granite is one of the oldest forms of cemetery memorialization and to this day many of the granite headstones of the past still look as they did when originally erected. This is because granite is a natural durable stone and one of the hardest substances on earth. Granite Headstones are made from granite that has been quarried from the earth. Utilizing state of the art machinery and skilled craftsmen, the granite stone is cut to a specified size and polished to a high sheen ready for engraving. An artist will design the memorial complete with name and dates, which is then engraved onto the stone surface by means of sandblasting.