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Yuxiang can offer numerous varieties of stone products including mosaic slates, mosaic pavement, outdoor mosaic tile, stone mosaic, exterior mosaic tile, green decorative material, mosaic floor tiles, mosaic border tile, mosaic tile, travertine mosaic tile, mosaic round tile, decorative mosaic tile, Mosaic is a very hard natural igneous rock formation of visibly crystalline texture formed essentially of quartz and orthoclase or microcline. Mosaics have been an important element in architecture since the Roman times. They were frequently utilized in the most distinguished residences and public spaces.

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Mosaic slates, mosaic pavement, outdoor mosaic tile are colorful, extremely durable, and frost-proof, In the case of unglazed tiles, the color goes all the way through the piece, so it'll never wear out. Trim pieces are available for many mosaic tile lines. With the succinct combination, melting to converge naturally, mosaic slates, mosaic pavement, outdoor mosaic tile are simple and graceful and exists rich images, and the graceful harmonious ideal space is founded out fashion each other brightness. Equipped the advanced machines, the factories have the capacity to fabricate varied products of best quality according to your design or requirement.