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Marble tile                                  Marble tile

Yuxiang can supply various types of rosso norvegian marble, rosso antico marble, gold beige marble, rosalla beige marble, spanish gold marble, beige gloss marble, beige-white marble, rosso red marble, china beige marble, beige marble tile, creamy beige marble, etc. These marble are available in a variety of different colors to suit your artistic, and practical, tastes.

Rosso norvegian marble, rosso antico marble, and gold beige marble are the analogical marble series, which have veined with rivulets of subtle rosso color on pink or yellow background. And Rosso norvegian marble is integrate of rosso alternate with white, which look like the tone of Norwegian physiognomy. Our these beautiful Rosso norvegian marble will enhance the beauty of our environment in the most elegance way.