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Marble tile                                  Gold Marble tile

Yuxiang offer numerous varieties of marble products including Sunny Yellow Marble, Travertin Gold Marble, golden rule marble, buff marble, sunny beige marble, yellow marble slab, Misty Autumn marble, Sahara Beige marble, yellow marble tile . Yuxiang marbles are available in a variety of different colors to suit your artistic, and practical, tastes.

Sunny Yellow Marble, Travertin Gold Marble, especially golden rule marble are superb large-grained marble with a definite gold color that looks great on interior design projects as well as on larger projects such as buildings. Yellow Marble takes an exceptional flamed finish and is gorgeous on wall and marble floor tile, tables, and counter tops. Sunny Yellow Marble is an expressive material and by its various types can make your ambience look sophisticated, warm, elegant, and sumptuous.