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Stone Moulding                                           Stone Moulding

Yuxiang offer numerous varieties of stone products including stone molding, stair nosing, marble stairs, stone stairs, marble steps, marble stair case, cast stone stair, stone steps, stair panels, stone stair treads, marble stair treads, granite stairs, granite tiles, granite steps

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Cast stone moldings are used as exterior trim for windows, doors, jambs and sills. These beautiful pieces have the look of traditional carved stone, but stone molding are formed from modern lightweight building materials. They are reinforced with galvanized metal lath and anchors may be inserted during casting for ease of installation. If color of stone molding is desired, it is added at the time of casting and is integral to the piece. In addition to the aesthetic qualities of our cast stone molding, it also provides superb strength and weathers very well. It is a material for the architect/designer interested in creating distinctive and enduring architecture.