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Granite tile                             golden diamond granite

Granite is quite literally as old as the earth. It is formed from liquid magma, the molten rock still found at the core of the planet, cooled slowly to form a substance approaching the hardness and durability of diamond. Granite tile & granite slab is a natural granite stone product from China and Around the World. Yuxiang Company is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of stone products. And exporting quality variety of granite tiles & slabs with random colors & measurement, etc! Yuxiang Red Granite Sample: Red Wuyi granite, Red Guilin granite, Golden Diamond granite, Big Flower Red granite, RongJing Red granite, red granite countertops, red granite cube, Red Granite Pavement, golden leaf granite tile.

Red Wuyi granite has irregular array of red, grey and black, which make like big beautiful flower red granite. The Red granite we offer is ultimate tensile strength and compressive strength. Our Wuyi granite is welcome building stone and occupies a prominent place among other stones on account of Red Wuyi granite its hardness, resistance to weathering, capability to take mirror polish, fascinating colour and textural patterns.