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Compound micro-crystal stone                   Compound micro-crystal stone

Acid and alkali proof: it is a kind of steady chemical abio-crystal material, with glass basic construction, its acid and alkali-proof characters is better than natural stone, even not affected by weather at all, long time of solarization will not change it Excellent anti-pollute, easy to clean and maintain, water absorb rate is very low, nearly to zero, many kind of feculency, like dirt, mud, dye solution will not easy to penetrate it, feculency t on it could be easily cleaned Could change the shape by heat, and become abnormal shape of slab, it could be change to curve to meet the requirement, technology is simple, cost is low, this way could avoid extra cutting, save time, save material. Not contain any radiation element, no harm to people, is the best environment protection material.

Compound micro-crystal stone has below character:

It is the 2nd generation high technology new product, round pearl vein under the jade layer, make it has strong solid feeling Its proportion is 2.4-2.5, hardness 6.0, anti-pressure is bigger than 50Mpa. Hardness higher than stone, toughness is one time higher than stone, its construction is density and average, so it is harder than stone, not easy to be broken. Good chemical stabilization Excellent performance for acid-proof and alkali-proof, even in the area where is severely polluted, acid rain often occur, even exposed in the air, it will not be airslaked or metamorphosed It is sintered through high temperature, lower layer of ceramic body become glass both inside and outside, micro-crystal glass layer the water absorbability nearly to be zero, and glass body the water absorbability ≤0.25%。 Good performance of Anti-freezing, anti-heat, anti-seismic Compound micro-crystal stone heat swell rate is low, component is average, toughness is high, heat durable, cold durable, under minus sever tens of degree extreme cold weather, it will not break or be damaged, so in cold north part area, it is still could be used. The micro-glass layer and the ceramic body layer, the connection area is melting and penetrate to each other totally during high temperature treatment, so they are all in the state of glass state, and will not be broken during fast heat and fast cold.