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Micro crystal stone                            Micro crystal stone

The polish surface of micro-crystal stone must be protected by PVC sticking tape, so to avoid pollution, after installation finished, then clean it. As it does not absorb water, so the non-oil dirty material on its surface could be easily cleaned, when clean the surface, the joint also required to be cleaned, one year clean two times will be ok, often use water to clean it could ensure no polluted.

wash method

Daily clean by water is ok, clean tool could be the same for window clean, like dishcloth, sponge, rubber scratch tool, after wash, must dry it and make it clean, if use detergent, must clean it with water also. As micro-crystal stone high polish and not penetrated, so usually in daily maintain, no need to use stone maintain solution, polish wax, this kind of product will be easy to attract dirt, especially not to use some antiseptic which cause chemical erode, will affect the polish of the surface.