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Compound micro-crystal stone                   Compound micro-crystal stone

Compound Micro-crystal stone have the color series of white, yellow, blue, green, grey, black and red etc. it could have the kind of colors that the natural stone could not have. Especially elegant pure white which look like white jade, after polishing, the surface the natural stone could not compare with it. Also produce under the strict controlled conditions, the product have no color difference, enable the slab achieve to perfect decoration effects. Compound Micro-crystal stone adopt abio-material, melted together under more than 1500 degree high temperature, chemical properties very steady, weather proof, acid proof, alkali proof, never change color, life is longer than natural stone. Environment protection Compound micro-crystal stone do not contain element harmful for human, this kind of material is deleted during production, so the finished product will not contain any radiation material which is not good for human body The installation cost low Its installation could the same as ceramic tile, very simple, cost is low

Clean and matain

• joint seal material • The material to seal the joint usually is silicon ketone, sulfur chemical, consider for durability and anti-pollution, it is better to use sulfur chemical to be the joint fill material Silicon ketone seal material contain volatility silicon grease, attached to surface of the micro-crystal stone, quite probably could cause obvious line shape stain, so avoid to use it if possible. sulfur chemical seal material could be water-proof, durable, good sticking character, its component will not cause pollution, is the suitable seal material. During installation, in order to prevent the pollution to the micro-crystal stone surface, don't get rid of the protection film on the light color slab, it must be got off after they are completely installed. Should take some protection measures for those place near the inlet of jobsite where easy to cause collision During welding, the spark if fall on the micro-crystal stone, it will cause the black spot because of high temperature flame, the black spot could not be got rid of, so must put some thin board during welding, this must be given highly attention